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Wild Prawns is not a story about prawns. It is a story about people.

Pioneering men and women whose foresight, courage and sheer determination forged the path of what was to become Australia’s most valuable fishery.

The Northern Prawn Fishery is often described as the ‘last wild frontier’ fishery. It must surely have seemed so to Les Lowe as he first chartered the remote and pristine waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria when it was opened to prawn trawling in 1966.

The son of a fisherman, Les was raised in Ballina until he was old enough to skipper his own boat and head to northern Australia. Today, the Lowe family still owns and operates a prawn trawler, the FV Perpetua. For Les Lowe and the next generation of his family, Wild Prawns is a passion that spans more than four decades of continuous involvement in the North Queensland fishing industry.

Committed to producing and distributing the best quality, ocean caught prawns from the cleanest, green seas in the world, the Wild Prawns brand was initiated to highlight the choice available to Australian consumers. It represents one company’s commitment to quality assurance at every level of the supply chain to the end consumer.

Recent industry marketing campaigns such as the Queensland Catch and Endeavour Prawn have also successfully promoted the benefits to consumers of buying wild caught, North Queensland seafood and asking the question - “Is it local?".

When next making your seafood choices, remember the story is not only about the prawns. It is about the men and women who for generations have fished sustainably in a highly regulated industry to bring the best quality Wild Prawns to you, the Australian consumer.